Sunday, November 18, 2012

Parenting FAILS

I like to think that I'm a pretty good parent.  I'm consistent with my expectations, I use natural consequences instead of punishment, I've never spanked Cole or even used a time out.

Um, but I am FAR from a perfect parent.  Here's a list of some of my biggest parenting fails:

1.  The bink.  Oh, the bink, the bink.  Yes, Cole STILL uses his bink - and LOVES it.  Seriously, he isn't really attached to a blanky or lovey...but the bink is another story.  I know, I know, we need to get rid of it - but it makes his SO happy and brings him SO much comfort... and days we don't have a good nights' sleep are hard for everyone! I'm totally dreading the day we will get rid of it and I know that day is fast approaching.

2.  Interrupting.  I have GOT to nip this in the bud.  There is nothing more rude than having a child interrupt an drives me CRAZY!  Unfortunately, I've sort of let this slide because we were just so excited when Cole FINALLY started to talk and we wanted to encourage him as much as possible!  But now that he's talking much more, I have to make sure he knows to wait his turn to talk.

3.  Letting Cole dress himself.  Truly, I like to think I'm really awesome at being patient and helping Cole be as independent as possible...except with dressing and undressing himself.  Usually, I'm just in too much of a hurry to let him take the (LOOONNNGGGG) time to figure out which body parts go in which holes for his clothing.  One of these days I will take an entire afternoon so we can practice together putting his clothes on and off...but until then, I help him out.

Yup.  Still have some things to work on to be a better parent.  What are some of your biggest parenting fails?


  1. I don't have any... Sincerely... Your Husband!

  2. lol, um, yeah...parenting is never perfect, I'm far from perfect (too much of this, too little of that, so on and so forth), but the boys are happy, healthy, and we're always learning. Parenting in grace, walking in forgiveness, and refusing to pay for therapy bills when they get older :D LOL!


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