Thursday, November 29, 2012


If I had to choose one moment that was my favorite from our Thanksgiving weekend, it would be this one:

Cole had been SO EXCITED to meet Baby Rowen.  Several times a day, he'd ask me about her - "SEE BABY WO-WEN?  COLE SEE BABY?"  Leading up to Thanksgiving, I'd talk to him about her - how babies cry a lot because they can't talk; how Rowen will be very small and we'll have to be very quiet and gentle; how babies don't eat food like big boys, but drink milk from a breast or bottle.  All this information just made Cole even more excited.  "KISS BABY WO-WEN! HUG BABY WO-WEN! COLE HOLD BABY WO-WEN PEESE! ROCK BABY WO-WEN, BACK FORTH BACK FORTH!"

The night before we left, Cole was so excited he started baby proofing our house - even though we were going up to Rowen's house - it didn't matter, he put all our chalk and crayons and small toys up on the counter.  "BABY WO-WEN CHOKE! NO EAT CHALK!"

Cole kept his distance and observed for a couple days in his quiet way, just soaking her all in - but on our third day there, he requested to hold Rowen:

And oh - was I PROUD mama!  Our sweet, gentle boy held her so carefully, caressed her soft head gently, was so still and quiet while he examined every inch of his cousin's little face.  He pointed out her eyes, lips, nose, and cheek; he held out his small finger so she could grasp it with her strong grip.  And when he was done, he declared, "ALL DONE!" so we could take Rowen away before he got up. 

I was so proud of my darling boy...but there was some sadness, too - in that I can picture just how sweet Cole would have been with his little sibling, who would have been due in a couple months.  I take comfort in knowing that he'll still be a great big brother, even if it's not for another year!


  1. Oh Mandy, I love this! Thank you for posting it. Cole is such a wonderful cousin, and he is going to be an amazing big brother. He truly is a joy, and I loved having him (and you and Chris, of course :)) here for Thanksgiving. I can't wait for Rowen to be big enough to know what an awesome cousin she has. I love you guys!

  2. So sweet! He'll be a wonderful big brother. :)


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