Friday, November 16, 2012

Feelin' the Love

Cole loves to dole out kisses and hugs.  Truly, he gives me a serious-faced kiss and a tight squeeze of a hug at least fifty times a day.

It's so awesome and so sweet, and I always get this warm fuzzy feeling when he does it. "Aw, he must love me so much to give me kisses and hugs!  I must be a really awesome mama if he loves me so much." "I feel so loved and special when he lays a smooch on me."

But then I started noticing that he sorta doles out those kisses and hugs to EVERYONE...and more importantly, EVERYTHING.

The dogs?  Oh yeah.  Many times a day poor Chloe is subjected to hugs and kisses...Nala usually runs away fast enough that she doesn't get it as frequently, but she's not left out either.

Inanimate objects?  You betcha.  Stuffed animals (very sweet); cars and trains (cute); his stroller (??).

Strange objects?  Um, yes.  Every day when we walk into the house, Cole gives our house a hug and kiss.  No joke.  Also: "Cole, let's blow a kiss to the bottom of our shoes instead of using our lips to kiss.  We step on all sorts of yucky things that we don't want to kiss." -(BOTTOM OF THE SHOES!!!) 

And the weirdest one yet?  The toilet.  Yup, you read that right. The toilet, which happens to be at just the right height and size for Cole to wrap his cute little arms around and give it a squeeze...and then plants a smooch right on the (closed, thank goodness!) lid. child loves me as much as the toilet.  Feel the love, people.  Feel the love.

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