Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas Spirit, a little late

Oh dear.

It seems to be a trend that I am always embarrassingly late with my Christmas updates here on the blog.

oh well.  Here's a little Christmas spirit in your January, anyway!

This year was...I can't even put it into words.  SO MUCH FUN!  Cole, at age 2 1/2, is starting to really grasp the concepts of presents and Santa and all the excitement - it was amazing.  He was so thrilled to have presents, to see Santa, to wrap presents - everything was just pure joy!  And the best part for us was seeing all the old traditions through his young was priceless!

Santa Claus made a special house call on Christmas Eve:

 Cole was a little nervous, but STILL talks about it!  He was so excited!
We baked cookies and decorated them for Santa:
 Christmas morning was so exciting!  Cole had a few moments of being impatient and a little overexcited, but overall he did really well - I was so proud!

 He received so many lovely and thoughtful gifts!

Cole riding his balance bike!

Christmas Part 2 coming up tomorrow! 

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