Monday, January 28, 2013

In the picture

A few months ago, I read this Huffington Post article about a mom who was reluctant to be in photos. It was all the usual reasons - not happy with her post-baby body, not enough time to fix herself up, the kids are just so much cuter. 

But something about it really struck a chord with me. 

I have so few photos of my mom with us when we were young.  A friend of mine (who is just 28) lost her mom to cancer - I can only imagine how comforting it would be to have photos to look back on our time together as mother and daughter if the unthinkable happened.  Now that I'm a mama myself, I would love to see more photographic proof of our adventures, of our relationship, our experiences together - especially in those early years when my memories are so vague.

So I vowed to hand off the camera more often, to ask for more photos of Cole and me.  Even if my hair isn't perfect, or there's a pimple on my face, or that the twenty pounds I STILL need to lose are hanging on my hips and waist. 

Because when I look at the photos of my mom, I don't see any imperfections.  I just see my mom.  And I want Cole to see the same.

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