Friday, April 25, 2014

Easter Party!

We had a fantastic Easter Party this year with some of our closest friends.  The highlight was undoubtedly the color coordinated Easter Egg hunt (each child had an assigned color of egg to find, so everyone got the same number and we could change up the hiding difficulty!):

 Dean had an awesome time finding the eggs!
 Cole was so excited :)
 Even the babies joined in on the action!
 Baby Grant thought throwing the eggs with excellent pitcher's arm was the way to go!
 This girl?  I want to adopt her.  She's one of the most amazing young ladies I've ever met.
 After the eggs were all found, they took turns pushing each other on the swing Chris put up a few weeks ago:
 All the kiddos, minus Chase!  (What you didn't see was the hilarious antics of ALL THE PARENTS behind me, trying to get all the kids to look at the camera and/or smile!)
 Sweet Sara was so happy just holding Chase - and he was so happy to be held!
A wonderful time with a fantastic group of people!

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