Sunday, April 13, 2014


All of a sudden, we've had beautiful spring weather around here! I know it's not here to stay quite yet, but we're outside soaking up as much sunshine as we possibly can until the weather turns cold and rainy again.

Last weekend, we braved Chase's car phobia and trekked to Ashland to Lithia Park.  The weather was amazing and the light was perfect for some beautiful family photos.

But first, we had to take a few minutes to listen and admire this incredible cello player:
Sorry, photo overload ahead.  These handsome faces are just too cute not to share:
 That expression! what a face
 My favorite:
 I had picked out a different shirt for Cole to wear, but when he came downstairs in this one he explained to me that he saw my blue shirt and wanted us to match!
 This one's easier to get photos of, he doesn't run around yet!

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