Saturday, November 22, 2014

Build A Bear

Gram and Pap generously took our kiddos to Build-A-Bear at the mall when we were all up in Portland! It was hard to tell who was more excited, Gram or the kids!  It was SO fun watching Cole and Rowen choose their stuffed animals and watch the whole process.

Ro chose this cute little bunny:

 And Cole chose (ugh!) a ninja turtle:
 You could put in recorded sounds or scents.  The sounds were a little creepy and a lot annoying, but Cole chose a chocolate mint smelly for his. 
 Chase will have to wait a year or two for his turn - nine months is a little young to understand the whole experience!
 It was crowded and crazy, but the kids were so patient!
 Putting the stuffing in!
 And giving their new friends a bath:
 That's a very happy Cole-face!
And Cole's "NIN-JA TUR-TLE" has not left his side since! He was so excited and grateful, he even wrote Gram and Pap a thank-you note, all on his own!

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