Sunday, November 30, 2014

Portland Children's Museum

Last week we took another trip up to Portland! Even though it was pouring down rain for our entire trip, Auntie Meg planned a ton of indoor fun times for the kiddos (and, who am I kidding, for the adults!).  One of our favorite excursions? The Portland Children's Museum.

The kids could choose their own stamp at the entrance:

 Rowen was a big fan of brushing this alligator's teeth:
 And her own!
 "Choo, Choo!"
 I'm pretty sure the kids would have been perfectly happy to spend all day in the water room:
 Knot tying - Cole's boy scout lineage would have been proud!
 Cole loved the rock climbing wall - and he rocked it!
 DIY face painting - Cole declared to me that he was a dragon.
 The transportation room was also a huge hit - here's Cole driving an ambulance.
 And a bus!
 Creating with clay:
They had a whole Wizard of Oz themed area:
And one last stop before heading home for naps.  We had such a great time, Cole still can't stop talking about it! And the best part was watching the cousins play together - these guys are in for a lifetime of friendship!

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