Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Annual Christmas Photo Debacle

Ummm, I just realized that Christmas is SIX DAYS AWAY!!!!! Can someone please tell me how that happened?  Where did this month go?!

In other news, we tried to take our annual Christmas picture yesterday.  TRIED being the operative word. 

The annual Christmas picture tradition is one of the plagues of my life.  See, my side of the family all live so far away, we see each other rarely.  So I literally LIVE for those family photos we get once a year of my relatives - they arrive in the mail and I eagerly tear them open, poring over the perfectly posed pictures, and then I stick them on the fridge where they live for the next year.  Since I love them so much, don't you think they love getting our picture? (Maybe.)  So there's a lot of pressure with the annual Christmas picture.  This picture might be stuck on a refrigerator! For the entire year!  Where anyone could see it!  So it has to be GOOD!

This, of course, compounded by how picky I am with anything photography (or I'm just picky about everything...).  It would be easy if I could just send a picture of Chris and Cole and be behind the camera taking the picture...but that would sort of defeat the purpose of a FAMILY picture.  I have a very specific idea of exactly what I want in a family photo - something not too posed, a little more candid, cropped in close.  Add in a baby and... well, let's just say it gets complicated. 

So we set up our makeshift photo studio (a really really big piece of black fabric scotch-taped to the entertainment center...real professional!) and proceed to take over 100 pictures in short succession, trying desperately to get Cole to look at the camera (heck, we gave up on trying to make him smile...just looking in the right direction is a huge accomplishment!) and avoid such photos as these:

Umm yeah...cute huh?  And then there's this close, if it weren't for Cole's I-am-sick-and-tired-of-this-whole-sitting-still-thing-Mama! look:

So we finally manage to take a it perfect? nope.  Is it pretty close?  Yup.  And, it has my adorable son and handsome hubby in it, so I'm pretty sure it will proudly live on magnetized to refrigerators everwhere, all year long...until next year!

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