Saturday, December 25, 2010

Dear Baby,

Dear Cole,

Merry Christmas to you, my darling boy!  Last year at this time, your daddy and I were eagerly anticipating your arrival - still full of the newness of expecting you and making all the preparations and planning.  I remember sitting on the sofa, opening presents and feeling your tiny fluttery movements inside my belly. 

Your daddy and I sat on the sofa in the soft light of the Christmas tree, rubbing my belly and trying to imagine our next Christmas - how big you would be, what you would be doing.  We imagined your tiny fingers ripping open the wrapping paper, your slobbery mouth exploring all your presents.

And today, we sat cross legged on the floor, with you sitting in our laps, while we helped your tiny fingers tear open your presents.  We watched you explore each new toy with your slobbery mouth.  We ate dinner as a family around the table, you in your high chair happily devouring squash and sweet potato.  I rocked you to sleep, warm and snug and heavy in my arms.

And it was an even merrier Christmas than we could have imagined.

Love, Mama

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