Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The things we've handed down

I remember growing up how relatives who never saw us would always say to my sister, "You look so much like your dad!" and to me, "You look so much like your mom!".  I never got it.  Um, hello, I look like ME!  My mom is OLD, I don't look like an OLD person! (mind you, I was six, so anything over ten was old).  And have you people noticed that my sister is a GIRL and my dad is a BOY so they obviously cannot look alike!

But now that I'm older I totally see the resemblences between us.  Especially looking back at old photos of my mom when she was my age.  And I've learned to pick out traits in Meaghan's face that are an exact replica of my dad's.

Enter Cole - and one of the first questions everyone asks is, "Who does he look like?"

Sorry to disappoint, people...but he looks like a BABY.  He looks like himself.  A squirming, adorable, sort of BLOB of cuteness - but I never saw any resemblence to pretty much anyone in our families.

Until yesterday.  I was editing some photos taken over the Christmas break and saw this one:
And my first thought was, "WOW he looks sort of like me in this picture!"  I'm pretty sure he has my eyes and unfortunately he may have my ears (sorry, Cole!).

How cool is that?  I mean, it's not like I'm not sure if he's my son or not (I was sort of there when he came out), but to see parts of yourself echoed on your child...awesome.

Let's just all hope he gets Chris' eyebrows and not mine!

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  1. Isn't it crazy?! I can't see me or Ty in either Isaac or Phinneas. They look like each other to me...very definitely brothers, but it's difficult for me to pinpoint "parental" traits. I'm pretty sure both boys have my toes and Tyler's eyelashes/brows, but that's it :D

    It will be fun to watch them continue to grow and demonstrate their genes!


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