Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Day in Our Life

Every once in a while, I love doing these kinds of posts.  It's awesome to go back and see what our daily routine was like a year ago, two years ago.

(Note: this was our routine pre- Operation Bye Bye Bink...our new schedule consists of too much crying, tantrums, and Cole refusing to sleep...in memory of our beautiful, peaceful days we used to have, we'll go with our old schedule.)

So here it is...a day in our life:

Cole wakes up around 6:30.  I hear him calling "MAMA! MAMA!" over the video monitor.

I go to his room - the instant I open the door, he requests "YIGHT ON PEESE!".  He's not a fan of the dark still.  We snuggle for a bit, then he goes pee (all by himself! we've been working really hard on being more independent in certain areas) and changes from his nighttime undies.  We head upstairs for some breakfast.

Pretty much every morning is the same breakfast: Cole has a carb of his choice (whole grain waffle with peanut butter and honey, toast with peanut butter, or oatmeal with fruit), along with milk and some scrambled eggs.

The instant Cole hears Daddy's alarm go off he morning, he's off to "help" him get ready for work.  Cole always waves bye to Dad - "BYE BYE! LUB YOU DADDY!"

Cole helps me clean up from breakfast. We've been working on giving him some more responsibilities, so when he's done eating he takes his dishes up to the sink, puts his bib away, and pushes in his chair.

We read books for a while.

Then begin the LOONNNGGGG process of getting ready to go for a walk.  It seriously take longer to get ready to leave the house than it does for our walk.

9:30-10:00 As soon as we get home from our walk, we brush Cole's teeth, pee, change into nighttime undies (pull-ups, still working on not wetting the bed), and climb into bed for nap.  Cole gets one or two stories, then reads in his bed until he falls asleep.

10:00 I shower and get ready for the day.   Unload/load the dishwasher, vacuum, clean, do crafts, read books, and catch up on Downton Abbey or Grey's Anatomy.

12:00 - 1:00  Lately, Cole has been taking AMAZING naps.  2 -3 hours.  It's incredible.  Cole is eager to get up as soon as he wakes up first thing in the morning, but after his nap he's a total cuddler.  He likes to wake up slowly in his bed, snuggle with me for a little while, and THEN get up for lunch.

1:00 Lunchtime.  This day, Cole chose pasta with olives, tomatoes, and parmesan, kiwi, carrots dipped in hummus, a handful of pistachios, and Greek yogurt.  For his one "special treat" of the day, he chose a cookie.

2:00 Now we begin the other LONG process to leave the house.  I try to get out most afternoons of the week, because we tend to go a bit stir crazy in the house, but if we don't get out we use the afternoons for reading, playing, crafting, and running up and down our downstairs hall like crazy people.

If we have errands to do, I clean Cole up from lunch, ask him to go pee, take the dogs outside to pee, help Cole get dressed, let the dogs in, bring the dogs upstairs to our room where Cole begs to give them each their biscuit, pack a snack for Cole in the diaper bag, and grab a jacket for him ("COLE BRING JACKET JUST IN CASE, MAMA? JUST IN CASE?")

4:00 Home from the park/errands/etc.  If I didn't put something in the crock pot for dinner, this is the time I use to make dinner while Cole plays with toys or "helps" in the kitchen.  If the crock pot is making dinner for me, we go for a bike ride, play with toys, read books, or take a bath. 
5:00 Daddy arrives home and Cole runs around screaming at the top of his lungs. SO EXCITED!  He immediately requests a story:
We have dinner together:
And then bedtime routine - brush teeth, pee, jammies on, stories, and bed.  Again, Cole reads in bed until he falls asleep - he is asleep by seven at the latest.

Chris and I have an uninterrupted stretch of time in the evenings for reading (me), basketball/racquetball (Chris), and watching movies (both).  I'm almost always in bed by nine or nine thirty (see above: Cole's wake up time).  And then we wake up and start all over again! 

I love the routine of our days.  There's a quote about motherhood: "The days are long but the years are short."  Occasionally, our days are long...but the majority of the time they are just right, filled with simple busy-ness and just the right amount of activity.

Tell me about your daily routine.  What are your days like?

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