Friday, April 26, 2013


Some big news around here...

We bought (another) house!

Here it is:
Of course, many more pictures to come of the inside (plus all our before and after!).  Right now, I'm just so relieved and excited to have a permanent home!
We've been sorta in limbo for almost four years now...moving to one place for a year, than another for another year, then our current home that was originally supposed to be just a quick rent until we bought our permanent home...but that was over a year and half ago.  This will be my eleventh move - and I am so excited to be settled permanently.

This house will be our home for years.  This is where our children will grow up.  We will make growth charts on the walls, paint whatever colors we choose, landscape the yard and buy a swingset, hang pictures.  This is where we will bring our next baby home from the hospital.  This is where we will have birthday parties and Christmas trees.  This is where we will have friends and family visit. 

It feels like home.  And I can't wait to move in and make it all ours!

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