Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Festivities

While we didn't do as much fun Easter this year as last (whose bright idea was it to have Easter in March, anyway?  don't they know that March belongs to St Patrick's Day and APRIL is for Easter?!) because it snuck up on me this year - but we still managed to get some fun holiday-ness in.

Cole did some Easter crafts - including making marbled paper eggs with shaving cream:

Easter morning, we got up early and went to church, then came back to find what goodies the Easter Bunny left.

Cole searching for his Easter basket:


This year was seriously SO MUCH FUN with Cole.  About two weeks ago, he somehow got the idea of the Easter Bunny (not sure where??) and that he brings Easter baskets.  So he requested to see pictures of the Easter Bunny, wanted a countdown every morning of when the Easter Bunny was going to come visit, and told me "EE-SER BUNNY BRING COLE EE-SER BASKET! EE-SER BASKET WIF' M&M'S FOR COLE!"

So of course, the Easter Bunny obliged and brought M&M's.  And some books, of course. 

He spies the basket full of treasures - so excited, he doesn't know what to do!
Handsome boys!  When we got Cole dressed for church, he turned to me and said, "COLE SO HANDSOME, MAMA! SO HANDSOME!"
In keeping with our yearly tradition, Sean and Kadance and Declan came over for Easter dinner.  We ate yummy food, dyed eggs, and did an Easter egg hunt!
 Cole's name egg:
 First Easter Egg hunt!  Took Cole a minute to figure out what to do, but then he was all over that action!  Hopefully next year the weather will cooperate so we can have a big one outside.
 Declan Boy loved the hunt!  After they got all the eggs, he started putting them back in their hiding spots!
 Cole loves his friend Declan!
Hope you all had a Happy, Hoppy Easter!

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