Tuesday, April 16, 2013

School Bus

One of my favorite parts of being a mama to a preschooler?  The changed perspective on just about everything. 

Yesterday, while driving out to do some errands, we got stuck behind a school bus.  BC (before children), I would have exerted movie style car chase maneuvers to avoid such a thing (they seriously stop like every ten feet, people.  No WONDER our nation has a childhood obesity epidemic...the kids are practically dropped off at their doorsteps!). 

But since having Cole, suddenly being behind a school bus for two miles is "SO EXCITING, MAMA! SCHOOL BUS SO EXCITING!". 

And it's not just those rarer school bus occasions.  Almost every single day, we drive past a large machine shop with a crane parked in the parking lot.  And every single time, Cole shouts out, "CRANE! CRANE! MAMA, SEE?  SEE CRANE?!" He never gets tired of seeing it.  He is always thrilled to drive past this parked crane.

Yesterday, as I watched Cole's rapt face, thrilled to have so much uninterrupted time to see his beloved machinery, I remembered to slow down.  I remembered how exciting such things are to children and how my reaction can make it even more exciting.  I want Cole to always appreciate the little things - what better way to teach him to do so than to show him I appreciate the important and exciting things in his life?

So, I exalted with him.  I told him how special it was to see a school bus stop so often.  We counted the flashing red lights together.  I laughed with him.  And when he requested we "TURN YEFT, MAMA! TURN YEFT FOLLOW BUS PEESE!", I followed the school bus for ten more minutes.  I'm pretty sure he won't remember the afternoon we followed the school bus, but maybe he will remember that his mom embraces his passions, whatever they may be - and that is a great start to a strong life-long relationship.

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