Monday, April 8, 2013


Cole, while not having too much imaginative play yet, has the classic toddler "put all the things in the bag!" syndrome.  If I'm having trouble locating something, I usually check one of his many bags lying around full of "STUFF, MAMA! FULL OF STUFF!" and frequently find my missing item.

Recently Cole rediscovered his backpack and it has been SO adorable watching him run around the house with his "PACK PACK" filling it full of "STUFF".  But my favorite part is after he goes to bed and I peek in his backpack to see what treasures he thought to put in it:

1. his favorite froggy pull toy
2. an old wallet (his new favorite toy)
3. three boxes of oysters from the pantry
4. a wooden train
5. an orange crayon
6. his "cellphone" - an old remote

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