Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Double Trouble

Almost every time I'm out with my boys, someone comments to me:

"Two boys! Wow, I'll bet you have your hands full!"

Yup.  Yup, I do, I always answer.

With two boys in the house, there's a lot of noise.  I mean A LOT.

There's a lot of screeching and screaming and wailing (from the baby boy) and a lot of shouting and yelling and stomping feet as loud as humanely possible (from the big boy).

There's a lot of energy output.  My boys do everything, hard.  They play hard.  They sleep hard.  They eat hard.  Sometimes I get exhausted just watching them.  There's a lot of passion for life, for living, for doing everything possible in life as soon as possible.  Cole spends most of his day trying to cram as much activity into the day as physically possible.  Chase is always moving, always wanting to be held or sat up.

There's a lot of eating.  Chris and I joke that instead of saving for our boys' college educations, we should be saving for groceries when they're teenagers.  They seriously eat SO much.  Cole often eats more in one meal than I do in an entire day. Chase isn't even on solid food yet, but I can tell by the slightly desperate way he nurses (GULP GULP) that he's going to match his brother for appetite.  I literally can't even imagine how much food we are going to go through in this house.


It's a good thing they are so sweet and wonderful.  I wouldn't trade them for anything.

1 comment:

  1. It's a ton of fun food wise when growth spurts hit at the same time! It's like you can watch them grow while they're eating, lol.


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