Thursday, June 5, 2014


yesterday, I went upstairs to put Chase down for his nap

a process than can take anywhere from five minutes to forty five minutes

Cole is usually involved in playing on his own, eating a snack, or otherwise entertained happily downstairs while I take care of Chase

sometimes I feel a little nervous - and guilty - having him bouncing around downstairs...but what other choice do I have?

but yesterday, he proved to me once again how far just a little trust and responsibility will go.

I came downstairs from a particularly grueling time trying to get Chase asleep - bleary eyed from listening to him cry for over half an hour before this one nap.  Cole was running around happily outside, swinging on his swing and chasing the dogs.  I looked around and noticed: books were stacked neatly and put away in their baskets.  A huge mess of cars and airplanes that had been on the playroom floor for days was picked up.  Crayons, markers, and paper that had covered Cole's little table were put away.  Pillows plumped up and put on the sofa.  Blankets folded. Dishes into the sink. 

not only his mess, but little day-to-day messes, things I usually pick up and put away and clean during naptime and bedtime - it was all cleaned up.  Everything was spotless.

I've never been a stickler for clean up.  If Cole's working on a project or playing particularly hard with some toys, it's no big deal to leave it out.  I've never asked Cole to do any "chores".

I was beyond touched.  This little, thoughtful gesture - this unasked for favor just when I needed it most - THIS is what my sweet boy is made of.  I am constantly blown away by the generosity of spirit Cole demonstrates on a daily basis.  Not asking for recognition, not in search of thanks and approval, but just doing something kind for someone he loves.

what a reward for giving him space, giving him a chance, and most of all trusting him.

I'm pretty sure I want to be like my son when I grow up.

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