Wednesday, June 25, 2014

29 Things I Love About my Love

In honor of Chris' 29th birthday (gosh we're old...) I thought I'd take a sec to write down 29 of my favorite things about Chris (because, you know, he's my favorite :) ):

1. He's funny.  Super duper funny.  He has the best sense of humor and there is not a day that goes by that he doesn't make me laugh about something.  I just love that.

2. He always rinses his lunch dishes when he's done so he doesn't bring home stinky dishes.  Simple but thoughtful.

3. He seriously LOVES being a daddy.  He is so dedicated to his boys.  And he just adores spending time with them.  As I write this, he's currently out at a baseball game with Cole.  Just for fun, a nice father/son outing.  While at the end of the day, I often beg to get out of the house for some alone time, Chris comes right in from work and voluntarily gets down on the floor to play with our boys.

4. He always compliments my (horrendous) cooking.  And eats it.

5. He works so hard for our family.  A full time job plus a couple nights a week on call at the hospital. 

6. He is a loyal friend.  Two of his best friends have literally been his best friends for years and years (one since he was six, the other since he was 15).

7. He calls his parents - frequently, not just on their birthdays.

8. Speaking of birthdays, he's one of the few men I know who actually remembers people's birthdays.

9.  He always thinks of something fun for us to do as a family.

10.  He blows through a honey-do list like nobody's business.  I love walking through the house and seeing little reminders of all the things he's accomplished for me.

11.  He makes phone calls for me.  I hate hate hate talking on the phone, so I really appreciate his willingness to make calls.

12. He's a total dog person - we are kindred spirits.

13. He's never afraid to apologize when he's in the wrong.

14.  He takes care of me.  Last year, he was concerned about a mole on my arm - I totally brushed it off, but he insisted I go get it checked out.  Fortunately for me, since it turned out to be pre-cancerous and needed removed.  It wasn't the first time he pushed me to take care of myself medically and I'm so grateful for those boosts.

15. Even when it takes twice as long, he's always willing to have Cole along with him for fixing things and running errands.  And his patience is seriously unending with all of Cole's "help".

16.  He fixes my computer.  All the time.

17.  He takes care of the boys every Saturday morning so that I can take a nap.  I would seriously have married him for this reason ALONE.

18. He kills all the spiders for me.

19. We have the same taste in movies.

20. He can sing every single Disney song from every single Disney movie PERFECTLY.  He's super musical and I love to hear him singing all day long.

21. He's big on spending time with people.  He'd rather have experiences with family than anything else.

22. He is, without a doubt, the MOST easy-going person I've ever met.  He goes with the flow, he rarely complains, and the only thing that ever gets him upset is snoring when he's trying to fall asleep.  Literally.  He could be dealing with the most difficult person or situation and it won't faze him in the least.

23. He is incredibly talented with construction and home improvement.  I love that whenever we need something fixed, he can do it all on his own.

24. He is the most loving husband. 

25. He's super active and loves to share that with all of us in the family.  He'd so much rather get off the couch and go ride bikes, play at the park, or do a round of golf as a family than sit in front of his computer or the TV.

26.  He's intelligent.  When there's something he doesn't know much about, he'll take the time to read up on it to form a well-read opinion.  When there's something we are discussing (often related to child development) he'll listen to my opinion and the research I have to support what I think we should do, and then he'll read the research and we can come to a conclusion together. 

27. He's FUN!  So much of the time, I'll look at him wrestling and laughing with Cole and Chase on the bed, or making funny faces in the grocery store, or playing some sort of strange game they made up at the spur of the moment - and I think, I never would have thought to make every little thing so much fun! 

28.  He's ambitious, always thinking of the future with his career and our family.  But not so ambitious that he'll neglect us in favor of moving on up.

29.  He always, always, always puts his family first. 

Happy Birthday, my love!  I'm so very happy you were born :)

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