Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day (a little late)

Last weekend, we had the opportunity to meet up with some old friends at a dear friend's wedding.  A couple people wanted to know how the transition to big brother went for Cole - "Any jealousy issues or anything?"

I know things could still change (after all, Chase has only been here five months), but I'm thrilled to say that we haven't had a single incidence of sibling rivalry or jealousy.  Cole has been nothing but an incredible big brother, supportive and loving and ever so patient with the demanding needs of a newborn.

And I know exactly why: it's because of his daddy.

While I (understandably, since I'm the milk machine) have taken over the majority of daily care of Chase, Chris has slowly transitioned to spending more and more time with Cole.  The minute he arrives home, Cole is attached to his hip.  They do errands together.  They play outside, riding bikes and throwing balls around with the neighborhood kids.  Chris has started taking Cole to swimming lessons every week.  They take a long, leisurely bath together almost every night.  And - my favorite - Chris has started tucking Cole in for the night.  Occasionally I'll read him a story and tuck him in, but then Cole always asks for Daddy to come in.  They'll play together in his darkened bedroom, free from distractions, completely uninterrupted time.  Cole always leads the play and Daddy is always the star attraction. Oftentimes, Chris uses the time while they are playing to talk with Cole about his day, or to help him problem-solve an issue that cropped up. 

I couldn't love it more.  I love that Chris is paving the way at a young age to keep the lines of communication open.  I love that they have official "scheduled" time together to converse and hang out.  I love that Chris is demonstrating by example how important daddies are to kids, how parenting does not just belong to the mom.  I love that Chris is supporting Cole's imaginative play by not directing or "showing", but just letting Cole take the lead.  I love that he is giving Cole long stretches of time free from electronic distractions, so Cole fully feels his importance in our lives.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I couldn't imagine a better, more patient, more caring, and more loving father.  I would feel nothing but pure joy if our boys grew up to be exactly like their daddy. 

Happy Father's Day (a little late), my love.  You rock.

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