Thursday, June 19, 2014

Only Chase

It's one of my favorite times of the day: nursing Chase in the peaceful and quiet moments after he wakes for the day.

He always nurses slowly during these times, popping off frequently to smile his gummy grin or to study my face intently.  He alternates between waving his chubby little fists around, occasionally trying to get his hand to my face; and holding tightly to the collar of my shirt, his starfish fingers gripping tightly.

I feel guilty, sometimes, that we only rarely have these quiet, uninterrupted moments.  So much of my time spent with Chase is punctuated by loud noises from Cole, reading to Cole, barking dogs, running feet, and trying to protect him from being kissed and played with to death by Cole. (Cole is an enthusiastic big brother.)  Most of the time, Chase does not have my undivided attention.

So I savor even more those precious moments of being able to focus completely on Chase, and remember how important it is for both of my children to know how much we value individual time with each of them.

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