Monday, June 23, 2014

Interview with Cole

Seriously, one of my favorite things to do EVER is ask Cole questions.  Any chance I get to have a little peek into the workings of his busy little mind, I jump on! So I thought a little interview might be a peek for all you to see his thoughts too. :)

What is your name? Cole
How old are you? 4
Where do you live? in Central Point
What's your address? (address)
Who do you live with?  Mom, Chase, Nala, Chloe, and Dad
Do you know my name? Mom and Mandy
How old am I?  29
How much do I weigh? 13 pounds I think
What's my favorite thing to do?  talk to Auntie Meg and Gram
What's something I do not like to do? climb trees (?????)
What's something I like to eat?  instant breakfast
What's something I like to drink?  milk and water
What's something you like to do with me? laundry
What's Dad’s name? Chris
How old is Dad?  29
How much does Dad weigh? 13 pounds
What's his favorite thing to do? is play with me!
What's something he does not like to do? He does not like to climb trees (again, ???)
What's his favorite thing to eat? He likes to eat broccoli (haha! running joke in our family) and pesto pasta and chicken.  And spaghetti too.
What does he like to drink? milk and water
I like it when...he plays with me
I love it when... Mom or Dad cooks
My favorite food to eat is .... pesto pasta and spaghetti
I don’t like to eat ... broccoli
My favorite place to eat is... Olive Garden and Thai Bistro
I like to order shells, those shells that they have.  I eat everything they serve me. Panang curry.  I can't even pick, I just can eat them all!
My favorite color is... pink and blue.
What makes me happy? Spending time with Mama!
What makes me sad? When Dani took the swings away last night and we argued.
What I’m afraid of is... snow bears.
What is my favorite thing to do? play in boxes
If I could go anywhere, I’d go... I can't pick, I like all of the places we go to. I can't even pick.
My favorite holiday is... um, I don't know, I like ALL of the holidays.
My favorite toy is... my horsey and my pushing toy thing.
My favorite animal is... I like cats and dogs.
My favorite book is... all of my library books. My magazines.
My favorite song is.... Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
My favorite game is... Trouble. Also Go Fish
When I grow up I want to be... an airplane flyer and a jet flyer and a helicopter flyer.
I love... YOU! and I love Nala and Chloe and Chase.  And Dad.

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