Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Maui, Day 2

Day 2 started off with Gram and me taking Cole to the "cat" pool.

Our condo resort had a big pool and an awesome kiddie pool - Cole heard us referring to the kiddie pool and apparently thought it was "kitty", so he called it the "cat" pool for the rest of the trip!

That afternoon, we all went to the Maui Ocean Center Aquarium, which was absolutely perfect.  It was so fun seeing the sea life through Cole's eyes!
 "Cole, make a fish face for me!"
 Chase (AKA No-Nap-McGee) was mesmerized by the ocean fish and the lights:
 Feeding the fish:
 Sea turtles!
 Cole's favorite was the stingrays - it was awesome seeing them as we walked through the shark and stingray tunnel:
Another fantastic day in Hawaii!

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  1. Your posts are making me want to go back so badly! We loved the aquarium, too!


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