Sunday, July 27, 2014

Music Time

The other night, Chase was having a really fussy time. 

So Chris pulled out his guitar.

Chase is our music-loving baby.  If he hears anything musical, he stops and listens.  He listens with his whole body attuned to the music, his eyes watching, soaking it all in.

Chris tuned his guitar (he only pulls it out a few times a year, usually) and tracked down a pick.  With Cole perched next to him on the sofa and Chase lying fascinated on the floor, Chris played and sang. 

Our boys were entranced.  Chase stopped fussing, Cole begged to have a turn, and my heart warmed at the sight of all three of my boys with each other.

Those moments.  Not a big milestone.  Not a fancy occasion.  Not an expensive vacation.  Just a daddy showing his kids how he plays the guitar - THAT'S one of the memories I will treasure forever.  That quality time and undivided attention.

I think it's a memory our kids will treasure as well.

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