Sunday, July 13, 2014


Well, hello there! We just got back from a fabulous week long vacation to Maui, Hawaii! Be prepared, I plan on inundating everyone with millions of vacation pics over the next few days...but for starters, I'll share some of the flight over.
After getting the kids up at 3:00 (!) am to load into a taxi, drive to the airport, unload (including both car seats), check in and check luggage, get through security... Chris and I were exhausted before we even set foot on the plane!
Fortunately, our kids were incredibly well behaved - and Cole was so excited to ride on the plane, he was practically jumping up and down!

We had a quick flight to Portland (a 45 minute flight sure beats a 6 hour drive any day!), then hopped on our LONG flight to Maui:

I made this fantastic little hammock seat thingy for Chase.  I saw this Flye Baby and thought it was awesome but totally not worth $50 - so I sewed my own little version for just a few dollars.

It was awesome for Chase and me to have a break from holding him during the 5 1/2 hour flight!

And while we had a few snafus - including Chase deciding to poo THREE times while we were on the plane (apparently he thinks it's hilarious to watch us try to change his diaper on a plane), we landed in Maui not too much worse for wear.  Cole was an absolute angel during the flight and Chase held off his nightly three hour crying jag until we landed, which was much appreciated by everyone on the plane, I'm sure.
Day one in Hawaii coming up tomorrow!

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