Thursday, July 24, 2014

Second Child Syndrome

Poor Chase.

Only half a year old and already he's a victim of Second Child Syndrome.

You see, this poor baby rolled over for the first time the last week of June - on Chris' birthday, to be exact.

But, um... nobody saw it.

Yup.  We ALL missed it.

I was busy cooking dinner, Cole was reading a book, and Chris went upstairs to change his clothes after work.  As he was coming downstairs he said, "Dear?  Did you see this?"

And there was my baby.  On his tummy.  When I most definitely put him on the floor on his back. 

(He was quite proud of himself.  And a little confused.)

Not only that, but he rolled over AGAIN the next day.  And AGAIN nobody saw it!

Finally, the third time he did it, I finally saw it (even though I failed to get photographic evidence).

Poor Chase.  With Cole, I'm pretty sure I was so petrified of missing any milestone, I followed him around with a camera for weeks so I wouldn't miss his first smile, laugh, roll over, ANYTHING.

But! I did get photographs of Chase's first solid food!  And what a face, right? 

After the first bite or two, Chase realized that this is exactly what all the big people around him are doing all the time and he started to get really excited about the solids! (He's been watching us SO intently for months when we eat - it was starting to make me feel really guilty about not offering him a bite of whatever we were having!)

And so his food adventures begin.  Hopefully we'll have as good an eater in Chase as we've had with Cole all these years!

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