Monday, December 12, 2011

The meanest parents, part two

So, do you guys remember how we deserved the meanest parents ever award for Cole's first birthday party?

Yup, we're doing it again. No presents for Christmas.

Ok, we're not that bad.  Cole's getting a few presents for Christmas (mostly books).  But truly?  This kid seriously plays with candles and potatoes most of the day - and I love it that way. 

So instead of a lot of little presents that Cole doesn't play with and usually just turn to clutter, we're taking a different route.

1. We're saving up for something big.  Like REALLY big:

   I know he's way too small for this right now, plus we are living in a rental at the moment, but in a couple years a play set like this is going to be AWESOME.  Like so awesome I'm not sure who's going to play on it more, Cole or Chris.  Instead of spending a lot of little money on small toys that don't last long, we think it's a better investment to purchase something like this that Cole (and future kids) will get to play with for years.

2. We're going for experiences, not STUFF.

   The first year Chris and I were married, our parents each ended up giving us plane tickets for a family vacation with each side for Christmas - to Disney World with Chris' parents and to North Carolina for a family reunion with my parents.  Truly, it was the best gift ever - fun, quality time with our families.  Why not pass that tradition along to Cole?  Instead of more possessions, let's work on focusing on family time - a trip to the zoo with grandparents, or a membership to a children's museum.  Experiences are far more meaningful and special than toys that aren't needed, plus have an added bonus of curbing those greedy gimmie habits that can creep up on kids during the holiday season.

What do you think?  How do you choose your child's gifts for Christmas?

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