Monday, December 19, 2011

Family Photos

When Chris asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, I told him what I wanted most was professional family photos of us. 

See, as a sorta-photographer, I end up with tons of adorable photos of Cole, but I really wanted pics of our whole family (especially after trying to take a family photo last year).  Two weeks later, I was on the phone making an appointment with the incredibly talented Crystal of Borrowed Expressions Photography. So here are the fruits of her labor:

 (Cole was looking raptly up at an airplane!)

 My favorite! :)

 One of Cole's favorite books:

What do you think? Which one was your favorite?


  1. Ok it would be nice to have a copy of that first one to put by your wedding picture.Thats the only picture i have of you guys on my picture shelf, Aunt Jeanette and Great aunt LOL love you guys

  2. The second one and all the kissing pictures are my favorite!


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