Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Sunday Share

I've been following a blog (New Mom...New Cancer) for a couple of weeks now, ever since I heard about the story of this incredible family on CNN.  The mother was diagnosed with cancer in January.  And then their sweet baby daughter, named Saoirse, was diagnosed with cancer as well in April.  Last night I was shocked to learn that after a brave and heartbreaking struggle, Saoirse died last week.

She was born on June 1, 2010, the day before Cole was born.  She was only 18 months old.

I feel so many emotions.  I am so overwhelmed with thankfulness that my own sweet baby is so healthy and strong.  But I am so, so heartbroken at this family's unimaginable loss.  I am so angry that such a beautiful and promising life was cut short.  I am furious that this child ever had to know pain and hopelessness.  I am livid that this little girl's parents are left behind to pick up the broken pieces of their lives and try to make sense of a senseless tragedy.

I cannot, cannot imagine what these parents are feeling, nor can I imagine how I, a complete stranger, could in any way help ease their pain.  But I feel an overwhelming desire to do SOMETHING, to help, to show my thankfulness at my child's health and my sadness that not everyone is so healthy.

We could make the choice to give a child some toys, or clothes, or books for Christmas.  Instead, I think I want to donate to a foundation that raises money with a single purpose: build research that will eventually eradicate childhood cancer. 

So would you join me?  Would you make a donation this year to help? Go here to make a donation online or by mail.  I simply cannot sit by and do nothing while these parents are mourning.

Mamas, hug your babies a little tighter this morning.  I know I will.

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