Friday, March 16, 2012

10 things

10 things I'm loving about Cole right now:

1. Cole is finally starting to say some words.  Nothing makes me happier to hear him say "Mae!! Mae!" (how he says Mama).

2. this laugh...oh, this laugh.  It makes my heart so full of joy to hear it:

3.Cole is so very empathetic and sweet.  Occasionally, he'll get a little too excited or upset and bite or smack us (not in a mean way, more like in a i'm-so-overcome-with-emotion-and-I-just-can't-express-it-way).  Even though it's rare, it does happen - and immediately, he says, "Awwww!" and kisses and pats us where he accidentally hurt us.  Very sweet.

4. When he's super excited about something, he sticks out his tongue and pants.  I'm wondering if maybe he's around our dogs a leeetle bit too much.

5. He still loves his potatoes.  This is what he did with them yesterday:
I know, right? He's a mathematical genius, did it all on his own.

6. The way he says "light" - "YIYGHT!" so.freaking.adorable.

7.  We were in Goodwill the other day doing some thrifting, and Cole spotted a collared, button-up plaid shirt hanging on the rack.  He immediately grabbed it and said to me, "DA!! DA!!" It was the exact type of shirt that Chris wears to work every day. Love the connections this kid's brain makes!

8. Cole still reads for at least fifteen minutes when he wakes up in the mornings - it is the best wake-up call ever to hear his little voice over the baby monitor pointing out the letters in his book: "A! A! O! B!"

9. He has inherited his Gram's love of oral hygiene - he loves flossing and brushing his teeth (whew!).

10. Cole has recently figured out that the camera takes pictures - usually of him! So he's started hamming it up for the camera, which seems to result in pictures like this:

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