Friday, March 2, 2012

21 months

Dear Cole,

This past month, I've been full of nostalgia for your babyhood - in mourning, if you will.  You are a full on toddler now - with the exception of your speech, hardly anything remains of that teeny tiny newborn we brought home from the hospital.

You are such a little PERSON, my darling.  At one of your speech appointments, they asked if I could describe you in one word.  I was all, "That's like trying to choose a favorite book! It's not possible!" You are made up of so many different pieces.  Intelligent.  Loving.  Independent. Passionate. Thoughtful.  Messy. Strong-willed.  Generous.  Persistent.

How could I choose just a single quality to label you?

This month, I am especially loving watching your little mind make so many connections.  We were reading a book that had some flamingos in it - when we got to that page, you ran to get a different book that had flamingos in it too!  You were so excited and so proud of yourself.  You are practicing counting, learning one-to-one correspondence.  You are passionate about animals, the moon (oh, how you adore the moon!), hot-air balloons, and BOOKS.

You are finally starting to work on saying some words, too - not just grunting and pointing.  "WA-ER" for water, "MILL" for milk, "YIYT" for light, "JEWY" for jelly, "MOO" for moon.  It's nothing short of thrilling, to have concrete evidence of all those neurons that I just know are firing in your little mind.

You also have learned the letter "O".  If you see it somewhere in public, you'll point and scream "O! O!"  You can find it in any books we're reading.  I am so proud I could burst. You're working on letters K, A, X, C, and E as well, which you can identify most of the time.

As always, I'm amazed at how incredible this whole parenthood gig is.  You are fun and difficult and smart and funny and challenging in so many more ways than I would have thought just a mere twenty-one months ago.  Some days are hard and exhausting; but most days are amazing and fun. 

You make our lives more complete than we ever knew was possible, little man.  We love you more than anything,

Love, Mama and Daddy

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