Friday, March 23, 2012

Becoming Daddy

One thing I have loved more than anything else these past two years of having Cole as our child is watching Chris become a daddy.

Technically, he became a daddy when he pulled Cole from me at birth - but I think for most men it takes a little longer than that.  I'm not sure all daddies (and all mamas, for that matter) have that instantaneous, overwhelming love for their child.  Or perhaps it's simply a different kind of love.

The second Cole was born, I was completely over the moon for him.  I felt that immediate love and amazement at this tiny human I grew in my body.  I was ready - in those first few moments of learning the curves of his face and tracing the teeny tiny fingernails - to die for him, if ever needed.  I loved him truly more than myself.

I don't think it was quite that instant for Chris.  Oh, of course he loved him...but the LOVE love - the die-for-your-flesh-and-blood-love - was slower in coming.  His daddy-love grew as Cole grew.  As Cole gradually became more interactive, more extroverted and more loving, Chris' love became exponentially more intense and powerful. 

I love this.  I am so blessed to be able to watch Chris as he grows in his love for his child.  And I think Cole is all the more lucky to have two parents that love him so deeply and yet so differently: an instant, all-consuming love from his mama; and the slower growing, but just as deep love of a daddy.

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  1. It think this is true of all Daddy's. I know it's been this way for Sean.


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