Sunday, July 29, 2012


A few weeks ago, I bit the bullet and bought tickets for Cole and me to go back to Pennsylvania for my cousin's wedding in September.  I am REALLY REALLY excited - to get there, that is.  Not so much excited about the plane ride.  From Oregon to Pennsylvania is a LONG ride in a plane, with multiple stops each way. 

And did I mention Chris isn't coming?  Yup, just me and Cole!  Fortunately, we managed to get on the same flight as Gram and Pap from Denver to PA, so for a little bit of the trip we will have some extra hands!

The thing I'm most worried about is how Cole will do on the plane.  He's been on flights several times before, but as a two year old who is VERY shy and VERY nervous about any new situation (like my first visit to the midwife, in which he screamed and cried bloody murder because I had to lie down on the bed - doesn't like anything new!), I want to make this stressful trip as fun and easy for him as possible.

I've noticed before that Cole does much better in any new situation if he feels prepared ahead of time, if he knows what to expect.  So, I thought I'd make a little book for him (like the "Cole's Family" book I made for him last year), with pictures of each step from going through security to getting on the plane:

I just googled images that I wanted included and printed them from a template. 

And you guys?  He LOVES this book.  We've read it at least five times a day since I made it.  We'll see if it makes him more confident during the trip or not, but if nothing else it's a fun new book for him to read!


  1. What a fantastic idea! You are pretty amazing. I'm very scared of flying with Madeline. I don't blame you.


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