Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just Be

This morning, I asked Cole what he wanted to do today.

In answer, he patted the rocking chair in the corner of his room. "MAMA!" he said, gesturing for me to sit.

"Ok, buddy, just let me put one more load of laundry in."

Half an hour later, Cole had played quietly on his own while I finished up various chores.  I peeked in his room at him, smiling to see him sitting on his little upholstered chair and reading a book.

He heard me and jumped up to hold my hand. "HAND!" he said.  Pulling me over the chair, he patted the seat again and commanded, "MAMA!"

I sat while he piled various pillows and blankets on my lap, then turned around and raised his arms expectantly, waiting for me to pull him onto my lap.

After a couple minutes spent arranging the blankets and pillows just right, Cole leaned his head back onto my chest and held my hand. 

We rocked and rocked.

We didn't read, or play with any toys, or even talk very much.  Several times, I thought about reaching for my book to read a few pages, or to grab my phone to check for texts...but something made me stop.  It was so peaceful, so wonderful to just sit there with my toddler and just BE.  Not DO anything, but just to enjoy his warm little body snuggled next to mine.  Not multi-tasking, not hurrying, doing only what Cole requested - uninterrupted, undistracted, quality TIME together.

So often Cole reminds me that in the midst of so much to do, with so many distractions (TV, computer, Facebook, cell phones, pictures, chores), that sometimes the best thing to do is...nothing.  Sometimes the best way to show someone your love is not to entertain or distract them, but to just BE with them.

I'm so proud that my son can show me exactly what he needs from me.  I'm so glad that I stay home so I can take the time whenever he needs it to be with him.

We sat and rocked under the mountain of pillows and blankets, holding hands, for forty minutes.  And even though we didn't DO anything, I think it was my favorite forty minutes of the day.

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