Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Fair!

Honestly, I'm not much of a fair lover - so expensive! overpriced, unhealthy food!  crappy, cheap prizes! rides that cost $5 for a 30 second ride!

But our local fair is in town, and Chris and I decided to take Cole for his first fair experience.  While he's still pretty young to be into rides and stuff, we thought he'd love the animals and all the sights.

He was fascinated watching all the rides - but the one he was most excited about was the carousel ride!

Then we checked out the 4H animals - cows, pigs, and sheep.  Cole thought they were amazing - my little animal lover!  He especially liked the baby pigs:

Then we saw a sign for pony rides!  Since Cole is OBSESSED with horses, we thought this would be THRILLING for him:

However, while he was pretty excited about seeing the miniature ponies, he wasn't too sure about actually riding one:

That's ok.  Even though he didn't ride it, he still talked about the "NEIGH! NEIGH! HAND!" the whole way home!

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