Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth of July's hoping your Fourth was better than ours.  Ours was a total bust. 

Poor Cole woke up super sick late on Tuesday night - we're talking fever, throwing up, the works.  I count us super lucky, because Cole has only been sick ONCE in his entire little life - and that was only a cold when he was 7 months old.  So yeah...I really can't complain, because my little mister is the healthiest kid I've ever met...but still, it is so heartbreaking to have a feverish and sick little guy!

After spending all night on floor next to his bed, and changing sheets at 2 am, we weren't sure how gung-ho we were to go to 4th celebrations even if Cole was feeling fine...which he wasn't.  So we spent the day as hermits.

But even though he was feeling way under the weather, he still managed to crack me up.  This is the outfit he picked out to wear (in true red, white, and blue spirit):

He INSISTED on the two shirts.  Both plaid.  And the plaid shorts.  And the plaid shoes.

Think this kid likes plaid or something?
Happy Fourth of July!

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