Saturday, March 22, 2014

Chase, Eight Weeks

Chase at eight weeks:

-He's the cutest little old man baby ever, receding hairline and everything.

-LOVES to be held.  ALL THE TIME.  No seriously, you just THINK I mean all the time, and in your head you are saying, a few hours a day, yeah right... NOPE.  We are taking babywearing to a new level over here, peeps.  The worst part of it is that he is a tricky little fellow.  He'll be fast asleep in the moby wrap, so I'll ever so carefully and slowly put him down into his swing... he'll stay asleep... I'll do a few silent HUZZAH!s and cartwheels... but then, exactly three minutes later (juuuust long enough to either get started on a project or fall asleep), he's up and ready to go.  I'm certain it will get better (it really can't get worse...), so we just have to wait it out.

-Is such a happy little guy.  He's full of smiles and coos already - it's the sweetest thing to be able to sit and "talk" to him after a nice nurse.

-Does NOT like to sleep.  Apparently Chris and I are doomed to have babies that are terrible sleepers.  I'm thrilled about this.

-Adores being outside, windows, ceiling fans, and the light fixtures on our ceilings. 

-He is a CHUNK.  Chubby.  Roll-y.  Solid.  He's in the 95 percentile for weight! Obviously breastfeeding is going well!

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