Friday, March 21, 2014

Daffodil Hill

Last year, I took a photography class and while we were discussing photo shoot locations, a place called "Daffodil Hill" popped up.  It sounds amazing, right?  So after googling it and discovering its location, we picked a gorgeous afternoon last week and set off to picnic among the daffodils.

Well... it ended up being sort of a bust.

When you think of "Daffodil Hill", you think of a beautiful hilly meadow covered in millions of daffodils, right?  Well, "Daffodil Hill" is more of a journey than a destination - it was a two or three mile stretch of road with daffodils sprinkled along the side of the road.  Millions? Yes.  But over two or three miles... it honestly wasn't too impressive.  And most of the daffodils were on the side of the road on private property, so we couldn't exactly stop and hang out.

But, oh well.  We reached the top of the hill (which was beautiful with scrub oak trees and view of a valley) that had a whopping ONE daffodil plant, threw down our blanket, and picnicked with determination to enjoy it even if it wasn't exactly what we had been expecting.
(Silly camera boy is such a ham)
And Cole?  Totally did not know the difference.  He loves being outside, he loves adventures, and all he needed was a bit of food and a bit of exploring and he was having the time of his life.

(Chase didn't know the difference either)
It was such a great lesson.  Even if things don't work out the way I expect (or hope) them to, we can still have a great time as a family.

 Chris brought his binoculars.  You would have thought it was Christmas, Cole was so excited.  He LOVED them.
 'Da boys:
 And, of course, the ONE daffodil picture in the ONE daffodil plant:

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