Monday, March 3, 2014

5 Things

5 hilarious and adorable things about Cole:

1. On our very first day of me parenting both kiddos solo (between my mom and dad being here, and then Chris had some lovely paternity leave time off), I was holding Chase in the Moby while I was getting ready and Cole was "getting ready" in the bathroom with me.  He helps Chris get ready every morning, so he was going through Chris' morning routine - brushing his teeth, putting gel in his hair, putting on Daddy's deodorant (LOL), and "shaving".  Well...I was distracted... and Cole was pretending with Daddy's electric razor... and he wanted to shave his sideburns like Daddy does... and, well, this happened:

As my sister said, at least he's a boy so it's not quite as noticeable, right?

2. Cole has proved himself time and time again to be the SWEETEST and most helpful big brother ever.  Case in point:  every night during dinner, Chase is usually having his fussy time so I hold him or nurse him while trying to eat.  Cole always asks, so sincerely,  "Mama, I can hold Chase so you can finish eating?"  He loves to help out with Chase in any way possible (getting binks, picking out clothes, changing his diaper, holding him as much as I'll let him) and I'm trying really hard to foster that helpfulness - hopefully it will transfer to a lifelong loving relationship!

3. Last night, Cole came downstairs to read his bedtime story with me while Chase hung out in his swing.  He hugged and kissed me goodnight... then, completely unprompted, walked over to Chase and tenderly kissed him good night too! "GOODNIGHT BABY CHASE! SLEEP WELL, CHASE, SLEEP WELL!"

4. Chase tends to have a VERY fussy time in the evenings. Inconsolable crying for an hour or more. It's just as fun as it sounds. So anyway, during one of those fussy periods, I was starting to get a bit irritated and tired and in exasperation I said, "Come ON Chase, just go to sleep already!", and Cole looked up at me and said, "You just have to be patient, Mama." Oh, such words echoed back at me from my three year old, just when I needed to hear them!

5. While doing laundry yesterday (sidenote: why did the amount of laundry I need to do TRIPLE when we added just ONE small member to our family??), I did a load of jeans.  Every single pair of Chris' jeans had the left pant leg right side out, but the right pant leg inside out.  Every single one.  And then I got down to Cole's jeans... yup, every single pair had the left leg right side out but the right pant leg inside out.  Like father, like son, I guess!

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