Tuesday, March 4, 2014


I absolutely LOVE that Cole can take the simplest item and make a wonderful, fun game out of it.

The day before I had Chase, we took a little time as a family of three to go to the park.  Cole chose a couple Frisbees to bring along, and he and Chris had a blast throwing them and chasing after them!

Of course he wasn't playing the game "right" (he made up some rules about how to play), but it was so much about the experience of playing and not the end result - and he had so much FUN!

Also? The "rules" he invented for the game involved him and Chris throwing the Frisbees, then Cole running after them and bringing the back.  Yup, a game of fetch.  It was awesome - and I'm pretty sure that was the quickest Cole has EVER fallen asleep that night!


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