Friday, October 5, 2012

Day Four Pennsylvania Vacation

On Wednesday, we walked over to the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh - yes, most of our activities revolved around my little mister (my parents and grandma were so awesome!).  It was huge and amazing and SOOO much fun for Cole!  We spent the entire afternoon there and still didn't hit all the exhibits.

The water exhibit was, of course, the favorite.  I loved how they had a bunch of yellow rain slickers so the kiddos didn't get COMPLETELY soaked!


 And then a whole row of hair dryers to dry off! Cole thought those were pretty awesome too:

Other exhibits included the fabric kaleidescope:
 A fun trolley:

 A real car (Cole seriously LOVED this...we couldn't tear him away if we tried!):

 Interactive bicycle art:

 Nuts and bolts (Cole's fine motor skills were lovin' this):
 And the stairs that made noises when you stepped on them!

There was so much more we didn't get to! But it was awesome watching Cole enjoy himself playing in so many new environments - I think the rest of us enjoyed ourselves just as much as he did!

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