Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pennsylvania Trip 2012

I know, I'm super late on posting these.  I have no excuse other than potty training...which is a good excuse, you know.

So anyway, this was the first big trip Cole and I braved on our own (Chris had to stay home and work).  I was a wee bit anxious - about the flight, about how Cole would sleep and nap in different places, about his behavior surrounded by family... and there was really no reason to be anxious.  Cole did awesome 99% of the time.  He was amazing.

Here's the rundown:

Day 1

We arrived in Pittsburgh and crashed at my grandma's apartment for the first few days.
Cole had a ton of fun bonding with his Grandma BB!  He still talks about her!

My grandma's apartment has some amazing views of downtown Pittsburgh - I never got tired of looking out the windows!  And her little balconey was one of Cole's favorite perches.  We would sit out there and watch the "BUS!"s and "TRWUCK!"s zoom by:

 Besides seeing family (obviously), one of my FAVORITE parts of going back East is seeing all of the amazing and historical architecture.  I could seriously drive around looking at the beautiful buildings forever - I totally wish we had such history on the West Coast!  This church was built in 1853!
Day two coming up tomorrow!

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