Saturday, October 20, 2012

The best kind of day

Every morning, I ask Cole what he would like to do today.  And his answer is ALWAYS the same:


"You want to play with Dad?"


"Ohhh, ok.  We can try to make that happen.  Is there anything else you would like to do?"


"'d like to play with me, too?"

"YEAH! BOTHF!" (both)

"Sounds like a plan, little mister."

This boy.  He sure knows how to warm a parent's heart. 

So of course, the best days are the days we have time for us all to play together as a family:

 Of course we brought the "HUFF-BALL!" (football) so Cole could practice his skillz:

 This is his cheesy grin...I know, I have no words:
 Again, I have no words...but in a different way :) :

Yup.  For sure one of the best days.


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  2. He is so cute almost like a perfect little cartoon character. Some day we will mosey on over to the west coast... Cole will probably be a teenager by then!


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