Saturday, September 24, 2011


I watch you run around the living room, chasing the dogs and laughing your high-pitched laugh hysterically.

I hold you, snuggled safe and warm, with your head nestled on my shoulder and your hand holding tight to my arm.

I come into your room after hearing you wake from your nap, and you give me your extra-happy, scrunched-up-face smile; and you bounce excitedly on your mattress and reach out your arms for me.

I watch as you bye and blow kisses to Daddy as he leaves for work.

I watch as you bring me books to read, one after another, then climb into my lap expectantly.

I see you playing in your sandbox, methodically gathering handfuls of dirt and stacking your nesting blocks.

I feel your hot little hand gripped trustingly in mine as we walk slowly down the stairs, with you glancing up at me occasionally with an enormous proud grin on your face.

But most of all, when you run up to me for a giant hug, and plant "kisses" (which are really just tapping your mouth) onto my shoulder or my legs.

These are the moments when I feel as though my heart might just explode with love for you.

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