Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Solution

Since Cole and I are flying down to Palm Springs on Tuesday (to spend a couple weeks with Gram and Pap!  We're sooo excited!), I've been packing.  But I decided not to check any bags - the whole pay-for-a-checked-bag dealio is pretty lame, in my opinion.  So we are taking a carry-on and the diaper bag, and that's it.

For 2 weeks.

All my stuff AND all Cole's stuff.

So, I need to pack light - however, these two words are not words that I am familiar with.

What if I need something that I don't have room to bring?  And I have to bring THESE shoes because they go with THESE pants, but then I also need THOSE shoes because they go with THOSE pants and oh my gosh what if I need to get dressed up for any reason?  There's a whole 'nother ball of wax with shoes and underwear and Spanx.

BUT! I have found a solution:

Yup.  We're going to WEAR all our clothes. 

I know, GENIUS, right?! 

If only I could figure out how to wear more than one pair of shoes, we'd be all set.

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