Monday, January 16, 2012

Five things

Five quick things:

1. Cole is finally (sorta) saying a couple more words.  He has "mail", "more", "Da" (Daddy), and "Ba" (bath).  Yesterday we went to a nearby state park for a walk - when he spotted the river flowing next to the path he pointed at it and said, "Ba! Ba!"  Apparently all bodies of water are bathwater!

2. Nala can open the baby gates with her nose.  She is one smart cookie, that doggie of ours.

3. Lately, Cole has been perusing the newspaper with me in the mornings.  It is absolutely adorable to watch him "reading" while making official "Hmm...hmmm..." noises - and the occasionally "Whoa!" when there's something extra-cool.

4. I know this is nothing new, but Cole just adores music and insists we listen to it frequently.  His favorite is Adele - I think he has a crush.

5. Cole has been very into "tails" recently - when he sees an animal with a tail, he'll point to the tail emphatically, then to the dogs' tails.  Then I'll ask him if he has a tail and he'll grab his backside with a panicked look on his face - "Oh no! I've lost my tail!" It's beyond hysterical.

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