Monday, January 23, 2012

Hinder the morning routine

Every morning, I'm the first to get up when Cole wakes - usually around 6:30 or 7, bless his little heart. But every morning, without fail, the second Chris gets up out of bed he opens the bedroom door so Cole can come "help" him get ready.

And by "help" I mean "hinder".

Even though I'm the one who gets to stay home and Chris is the one in a rush to get out the door to work, he patiently allows Cole to empty all the bathroom drawers, stack Daddy's colognes on the toilet lid, and try on Daddy's shoes.  He even lets Cole "help" him shave:

The best part of this little morning routine? Watching Cole's face light up when he hears Chris' alarm clock go off, because he knows he'll get to spend just a few fun minutes with Daddy. "Dah! Dah!" Cole says, scrambling out of his high chair and pitter-patter runs to the door.

I know, Cole.  I like spending time with Daddy too. :)

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