Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Obsessive compulsive much?

I'm afraid my child MIGHT be slightly OCD.

Here's why.

Yesterday, a lightbulb burned out in the hanging light over our breakfast bar.  Cole FREAKED out.  FREAKED, people.  You'd think the world was ending from the state of his behavior.  He refused to be ok with that bulb being burned out - it was intense.

And then there's his food.  HEAVEN FORBID a pea gets into the compartment where is bread is. If, by chance, this HORRENDOUS thing occurs, Cole points at the offending pea with such a look of distaste and a loud "UGH!" that it's all I can do to not crack up.  Dude, it's a pea.  It's ok.

And if you ever come over to my house and happen to hold Cole's hand as he walks down the stairs, you will be treated to a show of pointing to every single mark or dent in the wall on the way down.  No joke, he's like a tour guide.  "Here's the black mark on the wall, here's the blue mark on the wall.  There's the dent."  On the way up the stairs, he'll pick up any miniscule piece of dirt or lint or chewed up tennis ball (thanks Chloe!) and hand it up to me like "Mama! WHY don't you ever vacuum!? DISGUSTING!" And he does this EVERY SINGLE TIME we are on the stairs.  And if we make it halfway down the stairs without him pointing out the marks and dents?  You can just bet we have to turn around and come back down again just so that he can point them out with his big grin on his face!

Now, you'd think with all those adorable obsessive-compulsive behaviors, I'd have a sweet little neatfreak helper on my hands, wouldn't you?  Nope. Cole has no desire to keep his toys in their neat state - on the contrary, he seems to be most happy when his toys are dumped out of the basket and all over the floor, like this:

But then? He'll take a few of those toys from that mess and do something absolutely OCD adorable with them:

OCD or no OCD, I love this little man.  He loves his routine just like his mama.

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