Thursday, January 26, 2012

Speech and Language

As I've mentioned before, Cole doesn't talk.  He babbles and says some beginning sounds, but he's way behind on his speech development.

So far behind, in fact, that he's been referred to a speech pathologist for testing.

Now, this is a GOOD thing.  At least that's what I keep telling myself.  If he does have a speech delay or some sort of impediment, now's the time to get it taken care of.  Better to get a head start and get things moving so by the time he starts school he'll be talking just like the other kids.

But even as I advocate for my son and request testing - because the pediatrician wasn't too concerned, but in my mama heart I knew something wasn't quite right - even as I make the phone calls to schedule the appointments, there's a sliver of doubt and dread in my mind.

Did I do something wrong? Did I fail him as his mama? Is his speech delay a result of me?

Sometimes I can brush away these fears.  Haven't I done everything right?  Haven't I researched and planned and made changes just so Cole could have every possible advantage? We don't expose him to TV, because of the risk of speech delay.  I talk to him frequently, narrating our actions to help him catch on.  When he babbled as an infant, I babbled back to him to teach him the cadence of conversation.  I never interrupt him.  I patiently tell him the word of each object when he points curiously to it.

Haven't I done everything right?  What did I do wrong?

Is it even my fault that he's not talking yet?  How much of a child's development is nature and how much is nurture?


  1. Totally get this! Madeline had trouble getting herself moving when she was a little baby. I felt like it was my fault. Am I not giving her enough tummy time?! We got her services, they worked great, and now she's all caught up. Chances are services will work for Cole too and they will give him the tiny boost he needs. Try to remember it's nothing you did wrong. Children develop at their own pace.

  2. I know it is so hard. I have been a mom and daycare provider for 18 years. My youngest son did not say much of anything until he was 2 1/2 - we worried - had his hearing checked - have first steps come in, then all the sudden he started talking and has never shut up! hee hee
    I have a child I am working with now in my daycare with kind of the same issue. I have been using a program called Speechtails (.com) and love it. (It's online) your blog popped up because I am constantly looking for new things to help with the kids I work with. I think we all go through the same typed of worry's and questions! Good Luck!, Vikki B, Indiana


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